Welcome to DeltonFilmFest.* Our goal is to strengthen the filmmaking community in Michigan!

Based on our own personal experience, it's a real challenge for up-and-coming filmmakers to talk about their craft and network, ESPECIALLY if it's through the film festival route.

That's why we're offering ZERO SUBMISSION FEES - and accepting short films of any genre/style (even if you've screened them elsewhere).

The goal of DFF is to put your mind at ease!



ONLY submit a short to DFF if you believe you can make it to the venue. We understand last minute call-offs are inevitable (I mean, we’re human). But submitting knowing you’ll be attending the event is a crucial part of the judging process. What’s the point in a festival made for networking if you can’t stop by?

For this reason, we're urging MICHIGAN FILMMAKERS to participate in our festival; traveling can be more accessible this way. And while we won’t turn away out-of-state submissions, do keep in mind that we’re looking for filmmakers who want to see their entries up on the big screen!

A few more things:

We want short films that challenge the way we look at cinema. Any genre, any type of storytelling. The sky's the limit. We want to see what YOU can do in a small amount of time.

Submit today and see where DeltonFilmFest* takes you!

Have any other questions?

Message DFF directly on Instagram @deltonfilm, or email deltonfilm@gmail.com!

Thank you all so much. We look forward to viewing your entries!